I Am Malala (Official Music Video)

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  1. A Nonymus says:

    I don’t think this video is only about Malala. It is about ALL young people who want to get an education. What’s fishy about that???

  2. UnwindYourMindCanada says:

    Isn’t that the point of the movement? To bring attention to the injustice as a whole? People need to have a face to relate to. A picture of hope and inspiration – a way to get the message out that change is absolutely required right now. And that everybody with a voice counts. And that our voices together have power… and that power instigates change for all, not just change for Malala – she is the catalyst to which those of us outside can bring meaning and direction to the power of our voices.

  3. Barbara Silberg says:

    You are so absolutely right. She is now the iconic figure for young people who want a better life through education.

  4. Jav Rehmi says:

    I know that you mean well and don’t intend to take sides but many feel that Malala, who we all love and support, has been used as a propaganda tool by the western media and certain governments. The propaganda reinforces negative stereotypes of muslims, who are not taliban, and helps to promote western foreign policy and their “war on terror” which is the cause of thousands of “malalas” being killed by drones and other wars. But I do like the video and respect your good intentions. Peace. Love.

  5. Susan Sims says:

    How in the world anyone could associate Malala and her ‘mission’ with a negative stereotype of Muslims is beyond me. That said, anyone/any government can ‘spin’ anything. Those of us who are educated and reasonable know that terrorists know no particular caste, gender, religion or color, to quote Malala. Most of us here in the US do not believe war on terror.. We are not told the true facts or the consequences. War always benefits someone..but not the working class, women or children…

  6. Tony Gohagan says:

    Every one wanna Sing My Blues -:
    Nobody wanna Live My Blues.. !

    It… smacks of Central Casting.. !!
    Feels like cynical Appropriation.
    But there’ll be Thousands Who are REALLY Malala’s… they’ll be UNSUNG: tho, it’ll be they who Change Their World

  7. Asad Ali says:

    i m from Pakistan Student of BS(SE).You peoples believe whats ur media want to convince father 56 year old but i have not hear a “word” of Taliban from them. so wht the hell is fear of Taliban .Malala’s drama are written, produced, and directed by USA. Its really a big hit. Its only gives dishonours and disrespect to Pakistan, Its shows we are ignorant and mad if there is a reason for some peoples to not send there children to school is there poverty.

  8. zuni khan says:

    well thnx for the song dear but i thought malala was the darama even bigger then
    waht is realty no one know’s

  9. Wajid Shaukat says:


  10. meriam1220 says:

    I love this!!!! Thank you for making a beautiful song on Malala who is a true inspiration to all people, including millions of girls in Pakistan! As for negative comments as a Pakistani American, I know that unfortunately many in Pakistan suffer from “sympathy for the terrorist mindset” and sexism against girls who are strong! We will defeat that mentality God-Willing! Malala is fearless & strong and we fully support her & her cause for Education!!!! Love her <3 Keep up the great work!

  11. gabriel shar says:

    As a pakistani,i thanks all the artist who came together to promote education through this wonderful song…

  12. gabriel shar says:

    i have been seeing few negative comments by pakistanis and it saddens me but im also seeing a trend of demonising pakistanis for her attack.Terrorists want to stop education simple. Terrorists attacked malala because she is not an ordinary kid, she ia a NATIONAL PEACE PRIZE WINNER and was considered future leader of the country long before the attack. they shot her for that reason to spread fear in the hearts and minds of ordinary pakistanis.this blaming pakisanis must stop.. thnx

  13. tayyabno10 says:

    That’s a true Paki and Muslim
    -fellow Paki and Muslim.

  14. wa jadoo says:


    As a Pakistani, you should have known better than to play into the demonising of Pakistanis in mainstream media. No one is Pakistan hates Malala, they are merely concerned that while Malala is given the media light, hundreds of innocent children that are killed in Drone Strikes are never mentioned. Can you answer me WHY?

  15. Lucas Burgers says:


  16. kamranka94 says:

    Proud of u malala

  17. Caroline Hitch says:

    Yes, of course. It’s not about Malala, it’s about what she represents. Malala speaks for the right of girls to receive an education. What do you suppose would be the result of such an enactment? The result is intellectual growth and connection to the world of shared knowledge and the world of other girls/women. Of course such a thing presents a major threat to the patriarchal structure of Middle East society. But that closed structure is no longer tenable in this day and age.

  18. samuel anderson says:

    faith restored in humanity

  19. ariianna Perez says:

    *.* Amo esta Kncion! :D

  20. forever21oso says:

    Love this song

  21. Estelle Parisot says:

    I cannot stop listening to this song…It makes me feel strong!

  22. gustavo flores says:

    thats sucks for malala .for havining guts and being brave she gets shot in the head

  23. gaeltacht26 says:

    Amazing and powerful. I love this video! What a great tribute to Malala, and what a great message to the world. I hope the world wakes up and hears it. Well done young women, well done.

  24. Catholic Dads HQ says:

    The power of education infuses the spirit to overcome all past and future adversity, inspiring individual and collective hopes to identify all paths that lead to peace and prosperity.

  25. ANONYMUSmusic1 says:

    Message from the administrator: This song and video is NOT politically motivated or meant to take sides with any given country or ideology. It is not meant to support US policy nor was the US government involved in any way in its creation. It is in support of Pakistan and education throughout the world. Specifically, it is simply young artists coming together from around the world with a positive message of education and peace for all.
    Please be respectful.

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