Jorge Pena – Latin Ice Cream Man vs. The Ladies – THE X FACTOR USA 2013

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The Latin Ice Cream Man heats things up with a cool version of “Amame”. However, his slick talking and cocky attitude almost gets him in trouble with the lad…

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25 Responses to “Jorge Pena – Latin Ice Cream Man vs. The Ladies – THE X FACTOR USA 2013”

  1. Bilale Zahrawi says:

    he is Cool !

  2. Yajaira Celso-Anguiano says:

    Lmao. Douche.

  3. Andrea Victoria says:

    When he said “I can already tell I have 3 votes” to Simon I could tell he was a major asshole

  4. Andrea Victoria says:

    I LOVE KELLY THOUDH! ” Everything that she said” LMAO

  5. sandyzmz says:

    Kelly is soooo funny

  6. Kacie Johnson says:

    I love Demi. She tells it how it is.

  7. Maria Salinas says:

    *demi* – there’s something you’re lack of..
    *simon*- he’s LAC..tose intolerant


  8. savannah welch says:

    Asshole but awesome voice

  9. sylvie ahmad says:

    he’s a very loveable dickhead!

  10. anerislokita says:

    Esta brutal el chiko ese

  11. leen132445 says:

    what a douche

  12. Mikemaladar says:

    typical comment from a filthy jew

  13. Tuesday Abercrombie says:

    Round of applause for Demi omg

  14. joseph lee says:

    Demi’s awesome!!!

  15. anahi medina says:

    i didnt call her fat. I just said she gained a little weight. shes really pretty and talented,( like i said before) I love demi you guys are just taking it the wrong way. Bless

  16. bowlingtycoon says:

    This guy will get eliminated soon for his ego…..

  17. J Charlotte says:

    I could watch this over and over again just to hear the judges comments (skipping the singing)

  18. Rose Eddie says:

    When they were giving feedback afterwards, he looked like he was actually a real down to earth guy. I think that he just got too prepped and full of himself beforehand. Likewise, I would be totally wrong…

  19. crazedmartinez says:

    nigga things hes suave just because hes latino..all fucking colombian guys are like that. a bunch of putos that dont treat women with respect.

  20. Angel Diablo says:

    Paulina–Jorge porfavor cambio un poco tu rollo porque creo que no esta bien.Porfavor bajate ya de las estrellas guey,todavia no eres un estrella.
    Kelly– everithing that’s she sayed ahhahahahaaa :’)

  21. Mario Sanchez says:


  22. snowpixie15 says:

    omg what a fucking dumbass, i love you demi

  23. J Charlotte says:

    “Simon I can already tell I have three yes’s ”
    1- crowd went quiet
    2- everyones smile disappeared
    3- everyone thought he was an asshole after that

  24. Alexis Fenton says:

    And the pink panther! I love Demi <3333

  25. Rachel Eastwood says:

    The fact that he sells ice cream gives him more points than they way he looks or his schtick

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