Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton Singing ‘Jolene’

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Miley joins her Godmother Dolly Parton and they sing the wonderful song ‘Jolene’ Thanks for watching! Please comment and subscribe! Take Care byeeeeee Be sur…

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25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton Singing ‘Jolene’”

  1. gary primmer says:

    a country fan looking up his fav artists and finds miley singing with a
    pure legend and thinks oh god this car wreck of a pop artist is going to
    ruin this, and what do you know she sings good

  2. Helvetica09 says:

    wait until she gets older :) she is still very young and she will find her

  3. MrScreamGuy says:

    “…and whatever you decide to do Jolene.” “I’ve decided I’m keeping him.”

  4. IlariaCastelloMua says:

    This is the Miley I love :) Miss her!

  5. danait mehari says:

    miley went from cowboy boots to her jordans

  6. Deann Durrett says:

    These two are such great singers

  7. Nira Adam says:

    I will still love miley no matter what

  8. starlee jaramillo says:

    RIP to the old miley!!!:(

  9. kerri burns says:

    Miley holds her own on this one BIG star

  10. lana799 says:

    This was amazing!

  11. Me Shell says:


  12. Aunielle Neal says:

    They would definitely sound better singing their own versions separately.
    Their voices did not blend. But that isn’t a bad thing, they have to much
    of a style difference in their vocals to blend together loves ♥

  13. mandadotnet says:

    +Reactron that’s okay. Because an artist has to grow and keep pace people
    interested. Are you only going to paint stick figures and expect to keep
    your fans? No. You need to experiment. And weed….. Really? A natural herb
    is bad but yet there are tons of people messed up on uppers and downers
    that are made from chemicals and have weird side effects like anal leakage,
    liver failure, heart failure, seizures, and so on. Her main side affect:
    hunger and the giggles

  14. Danyell Thacker says:

    this the miley i like.. 

  15. Mario Boschele says:

    What a pair, 2angels making an old guy fil

  16. Thinus Milner says:

    Pity she is not this anymore

  17. LMB222 says:


  18. Michelle Gillespie says:

    too bad Myley didnt stay this way…she was better natural…this is how I
    will rembember her

  19. Declan Fitzpatrick says:

    i bet all they kids went for Miley and not for dolly lol i would

  20. James Gaby says:

    Dolly looks more better that Miley ;)

  21. Vanessa Bottini says:

    The haters…. Damn

  22. peter mutia Vaotuua says:

    love it…freedom.ws/mutia60

  23. rawrthebambi says:

    Love her♡♡♡

  24. john dunagan says:

    Wow ..love this !!!

  25. millicano57 says:

    @ gr8721: As for Miley’s brand being worth over a billion bucks, your
    having a laugh! Wake up and smell the coffee, instead of sniffing
    un-prescribed drugs..!

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