Miley Cyrus wins Teen Choice Awards 2013

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25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus wins Teen Choice Awards 2013”

  1. skibum7986 says:

    LOVE the haircut !!!!!

  2. kim black says:

    I really loved the fact that Miley came with her Dad and stopped all the rumors about them being in a war and not talking to each other.

  3. Mercedes Schouler says:

    Famous, rich aand pretty. Hmm i wish someone could explain to me why she keeps trying soo hard.

  4. TheBunnyCakez says:

    ross ran away from her…

  5. Luana Averbuch says:

    E a irmã dela assustando geral! kkkkk Miley divaa

  6. t3rriblethings says:

    she’s so fucking weird

  7. Mel V. says:

    And that’s why we love her ♥

  8. seneca brown says:

    thats gay daft punk should have won.

  9. Mel V. says:


  10. girlborough says:

    Smiley is obviously descended from stinkin’ hillbilly white trash of eastern Kentucky. Too bad she could not escape the ugly side of it….as her father has done. She needs to go back and get under the rock she came from, and stick with being entertained by the feuding of the Hatfills and McCoys.

  11. DrNetLoVe says:

    That was not gay but I am gay.

  12. The Hart Strings says:

    YES Miley! If you guys like Miley maybe you could like us! Check out our new music video that came out today SHARP!

  13. TheTalentedkidmodels says:

    I was hoping FL GA line would win…….

  14. Valeria Peralta says:

    can’t stop, won’t stop ha!
    jajaja amé esa parte :3

  15. RickiiTensee says:

    what is she wearing dude? no wonder her dad is wearing sun glasses and a hat.

  16. harley-rose Brown says:

    She had no right speaking to Ross like that.

  17. primera2212 says:

    She’s so rude to Ross

  18. mariadrovillard66 says:

    Shut the hell up

  19. mariadrovillard66 says:

    I lovr u miley

  20. sodapopgirl7890 says:

    She was rude to Ross

  21. Angela Bond says:

    Hahaha everyone’s freeking out because what she said to him. Just stahp

  22. nadyadefapriv says:

    shesss amazinggggggg. omg look at nick.

  23. sarahandjaz says:

    i can count the pixels

  24. Val Wale says:

    When she says “Thanks for my smilers” I started to cry, really. I’m so proud of her, and she talked about me in the TCA, Godness, I’ll never get over that she has mentioned me in her speech, never.

  25. rainiandjakeforever says:

    What the hell is Noah wearing she’s at an award show like seriously at least do your hair ew

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