Uncle Jed – Family Band – Australia’s Got Talent 2013 – Audition [FULL]

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Uncle Jed – Family Band – Australia’s Got Talent 2013 – Audition [FULL]…

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25 Responses to “Uncle Jed – Family Band – Australia’s Got Talent 2013 – Audition [FULL]”

  1. viviannguyenx123 says:

    If you don’t win join X factor

  2. ti3nt says:

    Don’t think the pianist/arrangement gets enough credit. Added so much to the performance.

  3. Kay Svensen says:

    World class! I would pay to go and see them in concert and by their cd. Absolute perfection. They are the standout musical act on the show.

  4. p3acefool says:

    i keep pressing 2 to listen again and again and again and again ….

  5. p3acefool says:

    This performance is even better than the recording … she sings with passion :)

  6. dsperry1234 says:

    Whats the name of this song?

  7. thyafiag1 says:

    This is awesome :)

  8. geenahtee013 says:


  9. Tim Nash says:

    The very beginning guitar sounds exactly like another song what is it??

  10. lolcharissa says:

    Brother- Matt Corby. @dsperry1234

  11. 0traiden0 says:

    And to this i say potato.

  12. Larry Luzuriaga says:

    @5:27 so beautiful.

  13. dsperry1234 says:

    Thanks. lolcharissa

  14. dsperry1234 says:

    No offense to him but she did a better version. I listened to his earlier and I only got like 1:30 in until I couldn’t listen anymore. She is one amazingly awesome young lady.

  15. HelikerX says:

    The songs called Brother by Matt Corby

  16. David Duncan says:

    She is a superstar. the guys are easily replaceable by preteens

  17. Julius Papp says:

    lol how so?

  18. Anona Moose says:

    Goose bumps.

  19. Kristel Jackson says:

    wow such a beautiful voice

  20. Had2Listen says:

    That was, is and always will be an absolutely beautiful performance worth listening to any time any where.

  21. dj fuentes says:

    that was beautiful…

  22. disposablefreedom says:

    Finally someone that makes me really feel..
    It’s about time..

    If you didn’t feel it, then you can’t feel music..
    This is what it’s all about..

    Well done.

  23. Subie Gate says:

    The two musicians who played with her were talented and didn’t overplay. That’s what made it work so well. A great arrangement and great chemistry. It’s called a band.

  24. Ariel Henriquez says:

    hermosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa n.n

  25. Ariel Henriquez says:


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